About Amy E. Lombardo

My passion for life coaching started within my own life and what I have been able to achieve. I was born into a mixed race family and culture. My mother is Dominican and my father is white. As much as I loved my family, this dynamic came with it’s own set of challenges. Growing up I quickly learned to stand up for myself. And of all things to add, I had a learning disability. Despite this, I became bilingual, first generation college graduate and became a school counselor early in my career. Throughout my journey, I faced many challenges dealing around life, career and academics. One of the biggest influences that helped me achieve my goals was having my own life coach. At times, I didn’t know that was what the term was called but none the less, it helped me drastically.

Later down my path I became married with three daughters. Having a family of my own reminded me of the beauty life has to offer. However, this did not mean I didn’t have my own obstacles to overcome. Even as a parent, you may wonder what career you want to pursue or even education. This pushed me to want to have a life coach even more than ever. And after finding one and achieving my goals, I found that I myself wanted to share this knowledge and help others. I eventually became a youth life coach and focused on teenagers and young adults.

Today, I help young people around the world find their strength. I believe in hope and that anyone can follow their dreams. Everyone should be able to express themselves. Sometimes you need an outside source to help bring that out. My life coaching is a reflection of the support system I benefitted from. I bring my full heart to my coaching and I am excited to share this with you.

My credentials:

BA: Psychology Stockton University

MS. Ed. School Counseling Monmouth University

Certified Youth Mentor Coach, Youth Leadership Coach, Youth Resilience Coach: Youth Coaching Institute LLC.