Career Coaching

Helping to find a career and how to pursue one

Whether or not you have chosen a career to follow, I offer career life coaching to young people during these crucial years. Life coaching in general is guiding and advising to overcome challenges you may be facing. As well as, finding the areas that could be hindering your progression. This fits well with a young person in high school or college trying to figure out what they want to do for as a career. While in high school, you have more flexibility on time to decide but the earlier you choose a path, the better prepared you can be for when you graduate. Some careers can take more years of education or may require early on work experience and what better time to find out while you are in school. Life coaching can help discover that potential and even if you are already in college, it’s never too late to seek help.

First step is to identify a passion which leads to figuring out what skill to work on. What environment do you see yourself working in? As simple as this sounds to figure out, for some young people it’s a difficult question to answer. Despite the many years the youth go to school for, how many have you heard say they didn’t know what they wanted to do for a living while they were a young adult? My life coaching is an evidence based approach that helps decipher the challenges that a young person may be facing and help them dig deep and find what it is they are wanting out of life. As any adult knows, what they do for a living impacts their life heavily.

Never too early to start looking

High school for many of us is the time in your life before you approach the big open world where what you do afterwards, dictates the direction of your life moving forward. Should you go to college or pursue a trade skill? How about work immediately or focus solely on education? Important questions to consider but without knowing a career, this can be a ball of confusion. I come in as career coach helping teenagers explore interests, personality traits and potential careers. If a teen already has an idea of what they want to do, we can dive deeper and work together to find a career that’s a good fit. Also we create action steps that reflect their life and any circumstances they may need to overcome. For many students, career coaching empowers them and gives them a trajectory towards their life goals.

Colleges and career searching

How many years of education do you need for the career you are pursuing? Or have you not decided on one yet? College is tough for everyone, especially for those fresh out of high school and early in their 20s. On top of all that, you have to pick a career and make sure you are doing everything needed to succeed in that career even before you get a job. Well look no further, as I am here to help in a guiding way. Instead of looking at careers as a concept, this is the time to look at things in a tangible way. What are specific jobs that interest you? Or what jobs can be fulfilling in your life? My coaching dives deeper than surface level discussions and works on finding the specific career job that will benefit you externally and internally.