Our experience with Amy has been highly beneficial. She is patient, knowledgeable, and fair. We felt that she genuinely had our best interest in mind.

My experience was very good, I enjoyed how I felt safe to really open about the things that we touched upon on every session. She also gave back amazing feedback to help me.

It has been great, and incredibly beneficial. I feel ass though I have gained a lot during these sessions and always find myself enjoying them. Overall it has been a great experience.

I feel as though I have had a huge turn around in terms of organization and lifestyle in general, for the better,  over the course of these sessions. I also learned a lot of useful tips that I will use continuously from now on, including tips like how to stay calm during exams which helped me greatly.

Amy provides good support as a trustable adult outside of the family to communicate with the youth when communication between parent and youth encountered difficulties. This is helpful to ease the parent’s anxiety and relieve youth’s pressure.

Amy worked closely with parent and youth . She is patient and always encouraging youth to work towards the new goals.