Academic Coaching

Experienced with an array of tools

My academic coaching is a service offering one-on-one sessions with a student focusing on strengths, goal settings, study habits, performance and more. Using the tools available, I plan for the student to deepen their thought process. Together, we will identify their strengths and recognize areas where they can improve in. Common obstacles come from outside sources saying “you can’t” and I am here to help them fight back. Many students have the ability to achieve but sometimes they don’t know how to utilize their skills. Other challenges can come from barriers in life. These can include learning disabilities, stress, changes in life structure, distractions and many common issues faced by teens and young adults.

A key factor in coaching is to identify what the student is struggling with. This can be low grades, bad study habits, poor organization and other typical struggles while learning. Because life coaching encompasses all areas of life, it fits well in helping young people with their academic endeavors. Bad grades can mean something more and it can take more than a tutor to solve. I help with identifying barriers and share strategies to help guide you on the path they desire. Educating about self-management and other essential skills is a value that you can achieve with coaching.

Helping high school students

Some challenges are more specific to high schoolers. First I like to assess the student by doing a deep dive. I have a proven success of developing trust with teenagers and this helps in a vast amount of ways in finding the root of an issue. High school students with bad grades, having a tough time staying on tasks or struggling to be motivated tends to actually be dealing with issues outside of the classroom. It’s common for teens to be scared to talk about certain things or hesitant to ask questions about a variety of subjects. This can be more than simply them not wanting to talk about it to their parents or it can be! As a trusted outside source, I can be become their life coach and be their guide through all the ups and downs.

Academic Coaching for college and beyond

College can be tough and tend to bring new challenges that you may not have face in high school. Many adults actually have an idea of what their problems are but they might know how to solve them. With such an influential point in someone’s life, a life coach can help make the journey easier and possibly guide you to a life you always wanted. Distractions are very common and can be hurtful to one’s education. Deadlines are something not be messed with and can hinder a college student’s progress. Life coaching is a great way to figure out time management and to have that accountability. Inside the turmoil, it can seem like it’s impossible but that’s why someone experienced in this department with a fresh set of eyes can bring perspectives that may have never been realized.

Our education is one of the most important aspects of our life that affects us forever. If you or someone you know that is a youth struggling with their education, contact me to get the conversation started today.